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Baby's gifts, Gears and products reivews!

Baby Swags offers affordable celebrity gifting opportunities and pr solutions to get your business the recognition it deserves.

Baby Swags is the leading celebrity gifting company supporting small businesses by providing celebrity outreach to small businesses with maternity, baby, toddler, child and teen related products. Baby Swags garners credibility to companies who offer products in the fashion, accessories, and home decor industry. Our results speak volumes: when your product is spotted being used by celebrities and you have the photo to prove it, you have instantly created a “buzz” for your brand.

Baby Swags is located 35 miles South West of Chicago and combines several years of public relations and celebrity gifting experience, hundreds of celebrity and product sightings and a passion for entertainment marketing that delivers undeniable success.

Baby Swags provides its clients with one-on-one customer service making each experience, personal and enjoyable. Baby Swags uses its PR connections and celebrity gifting expertise to capture the attention of targeted celebrities who shares your product with potential consumers!