Baby Swags was started in 2006 by a busy work at home mom of three who had unique products and needed them to be marketed. With a limited budget for advertising and marketing, Phyllis Pometta, was forced to use her creativity and had to dig up her old skills of marketing that were learned in college.

Phyllis received her degree in Marketing and Retail however, shortly there after, was married and started a family with her husband, Steve.  She is now the mom to three beautiful children. Phyllis is a role model to her children as her youngest daughter is always brainstorming new business ideas that she can start when she gets bigger, one of them being custom paper fans.

Since it’s launch in 2006, Baby Swags has specialized in Celebrity Gifting, Small Business Consulting, Social Media Management, and Niché PR for it’s Work-at-Home Mom clients.  Baby Swags has worked with WAHM’s and small businesses all around the globe and continues to provide clients with marketing and public relations strategies to help aid in brand awareness and brand credibility.

Phyllis has worked with numerous businesses and has built valuable relationships with clients, members of the media and celebrities. She has offered ways to brand businesses to celebrity new moms and their babies via celebrity gifting.

She has successfully hosted the first tween gift suite known as the “Rockin Lollipop Lounge” during the 2010, Baby & Tween Celebration LA expo. She successfully gifted “The Doctors” audience members, and has provided many gift bags for various charity silent auctions. She has also built strong relationships with many of Hollywood’s “Gatekeepers” and Celebrities and has a strong belief in that communication is the most valuable part in any company’s success. She has and will always put the needs of her clients first.