Wean your baby off the bottle and say hello to the cup


“Pediatricians recommend that it is imperative for the babies above eight months to wean off the bottle and start drinking from a cup, and eat solid foods. However, this process demands time and hard work from the parents itself. Following the mentioned guidelines might help the parents to wean off their babies from bottles, proficiently.”

Learning and getting trained on different things have always been a part, and parcel of a baby’s life. Parents often worry that when and how will their baby be grasped over certain things. The progress starting with one stage then going to the next one can be to a great degree baffling and disquieting for the kid, and parents as well. Thus, the strategies, you use to transit your child from one phase to another are critical.

Weaning your baby off the bottle is one of the hot topics of parenting. The question is how to do it? Well, there are two important factors to note when you are weaning your baby- the emotional needs and the nutritional needs. Both are extremely important to take care off.

Expert pediatricians confess that weaning is a difficult process for the babies. This process should be kept gentle, slow and affectionate. Initially, the baby will reject the food you offer, but eventually, he will get used to it.

Following guidelines are really important when you are weaning off your baby from the bottle:

  1. Choose the finest approach of weaning

Every infant is unique thus he requires the different method of weaning. Keeping in mind the priorities of their child, parents must use a strategy which works best for the child. The appropriate strategy must be obvious before starting the process of weaning.

Slow and gradual weaning is an effective method to follow if your baby is fussy about the bottle. By this slow process, it will become easier for your kid to leave the bottle without even noticing. It could be a great idea when you have enough time.

Sometimes, you have to be quick for the process. You might need to wean your baby off the bottle immediately.  It can be harder for a few parents as it might result in cranky kids, tantrums, and anger. So, going for weaning without any period works best with extremely eager kids.

  1. Start practicing with the cup

Most of the babies wean to a trainer Sippy cup instead of solid food. At the point when little children are in the transitioning phase, begin with a little amount of water in the glass so they can figure out how to hold the container. Spilling an ounce of water is less chaotic than a bigger volume of some other fluid.

Keep in mind that weaning is a slow process, and ought never to do in haste. Legitimate weaning implies your child is pleased, completed, and prepared to proceed onward. So, the procedure should move at a pace that works for the parents and infants too. In the event, you have any further inquiries on how to wean your infant, hook up with your pediatrician in your general vicinity.

  1. Stay firm

When you go for quick processes, you should anticipate that your baby will be miserable and unhappy about it. They may need their bottle, and may not bear ‘no’ for an answer. By giving in and interrupting the process, you weaken your hard work. It is imperative for the achievement of this exertion that you stay solid. Try not to give up to your kid’s requests.

  1. Praise your child

Praising works quite fair when it comes to emotional inspiration. Children always love to be appreciated by their parent. Praise your child when he takes a sippy cup of milk or solid food instead of a bottle. It not only encourages your child but also excites him for taking more sips, or food.

  1. Reduce feedings

Take a note of your kid’s breastfeeding. Try to skip the feeding that is not much important for your child. Instead, you can go for a cup of milk or any other food item that your child likes. Reduction of unnecessary feedings must be slowly and gradually so that your child does not notice it. Feeding at night is very important for your kid so try not to skip that one, or make it the last feedings to skip.

Training babies to wean off the bottle takes time and is most probably messy. It is the responsibility of the parents to stay calm, patient and friendly while conducting the process with their babies. By doing this, your baby is positively affected and he wean-off the bottle easily.

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